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Small Cell Lung Cancer is an aggressive form of lung cancer most commonly occurs in smokers. It usually starts in the breathing tubes (bronchi) and grows very quickly, creating large tumors and spreading (metastasizing) throughout the body.

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51-10060SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Fresh Customized Please Inquire Inquiry
51-10050SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Frozen Plasma 10 mls $299.00Add to Cart
51-10040SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Frozen Serum 10 mls $299.00Add to Cart
51-10030SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Frozen PBMC's 10 million/vial $499.00Add to Cart
51-10020SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Frozen PBMC's 5 million/vial $399.00Add to Cart
51-10010SCLCSmall Cell Lung CA Frozen PBMC's 1 million/vial $299.00Add to Cart
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