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  • <h1  style='font-size:32px;'>Physicians Plasma Alliance will be changing its name to Biological Specialty Company.</h1>

    Physicians Plasma Alliance will be changing its name to Biological Specialty Company.

    We are excited to announce that we will becoming Biological Specialty Company. Visit our site or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the details.

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Biological Specimen and Plasma Donation Center

Health and Medical

PPA provides normal and disease state products, biological specimens, and related Products and Services to disease researchers worldwide in order to advance research and improve the lives of individuals living with chronic and infectious diseases. PPA is an industry leader in specialty plasma antibody collections, research strives, consumer products, and physician support with its state-of-the-art facilities and caring staff. PPA offers compensation for Blood and Plasma donations as well as for IRB consented study Patients in order to maximize research efforts in specific areas. Find out How to Participate to see our list of qualifying patients and to find out how you can help make a difference in healthcare.


Plasma Donation Center

PPA utilizes automated collection equipment for plasmapheresis in an FDA-regulated environment to process donations. Through plasma, whole blood, and specialty collections, there are many ways to donate and make a difference in research. You will be compensated each and every time you donate (as much as $500 per donation, based on qualification). Fill out the Pre-Screening Form to find out if you qualify.

Research Strives

Through use of PPA’s plasma donor center, physician networks, and expertise, PPA is able to provide disease researchers with precisely the patient specimens they require to achieve their disease research goals. All studies and products are FDA-regulated to ensure only the highest quality products to ensure patient and donor personal information is protected. Check out our Research Services to find out more.

Consumer Products

Disease research requires normal and disease state blood samples, plasma, and other biological specimens from patients. These specimens are used to support the development of in vitro diagnostic test kits, treatments vaccines, and cures. These specimens, collected under the supervision of well trained and caring staff, are crucial to research strives and subsequent improvement in healthcare.Check out more information about Specimen Collections for more information regarding orders or Request a Product to make an inquiry for your research needs.

Physician Support

PPA partners with local physicians and multi-specialty groups to recruit patients for collections and pharmaceutical trials. These physicians have the opportunity to be a part of compensated research programs to impact the medical field in a positive, stress-free environment. If you are a licensed physician, nurse, or other healthcare provider interested in becoming a clinical trial investigator, check out more information on Clinical Investigators or Contact Us to find out more.

How Does This All Work?

PPA is dedicated to providing a safe, compliant, and comfortable environment with a caring, highly trained staff to ensure that not only patients are having a comfortable experience but research is being provided the highest quality biological specimens. From your time and donation to life-saving research, PPA is bringing diagnostics to life.


Healthcare providers screen patients for diagnostic markers to determine qualifications.


Patient is referred to PPA where qualifications are matched and compensated donation process begins.


PPA, using efficient, high-tech laboratory equipment including plasmapheresis to draw necessary vital material in a comfortable, personalized environment.


Plasma and whole blood donations are sent to research facilities to provide materials for future changes in healthcare.

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