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At PPA, leukopheresis is performed using the most advanced technology.  Peripheral blood leukopacks contain concentrated white blood cells including lymphocytes, monocytes, platelets, red cells, and plasma. These leukopacks are collected from IRB consented donors by leukokopheresis and are tested for HIV, HCV and HBsAg,  Additional test such as HIV,HBV, HCV and WNV by PCR, Chagas, and Zika can be requested.  If you do not see the quantity you are searching for please inquire about our customized products.

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04-11001Fresh Normal PB Leuko Pak Full Pak $2,599.00Add to Cart
04-11002Fresh Normal PB Leuko Pak Half Pak $1,899.00Add to Cart
04-11003Fresh Normal PB Leuko Pak Quarter Pak $1,630.00Add to Cart
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Fresh Human Tissues, Healthy Leukopack
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