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Paid Plasma Donations

How To Participate

Get paid to donate plasma.

Whenever a laboratory test is run to test for viral infections and chronic illnesses or autoimmune disorders, the FDA requires quality control groups to be measured against the sample to ensure accuracy. These quality control groups must come from human plasma with indicative markers for these viral infections and chronic illnesses or autoimmune disorders. Since these donations are used for research and test kits, donors are compensated for their time and donation and can make up to $500 per visit depending on the donation needed.

Participating with Physician’s Plasma Alliance is simple:

  1. Check out the list of qualifying viral and disease states
  2. Make sure you fit the basic donor requirements
  3. Fill out the Pre-Screening form to see if you qualify
  4. Donate in privacy and comfort at our collection facility
  5. Get paid for your time and donation

Donor Requirements

  • You must be clinically diagnosed by a medical professional. Documentation of the diagnosis and/or treatment may be required.
  • You must have a photo ID and be able to provide your social security number or proof of citizenship.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must weight at least 110 lbs.
  • You must disclose if you have ever been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and/or HIV.

If you have been diagnosed with a viral infection by a healthcare professional or are currently being treated for a chronic illness or autoimmune disorder, you may be able to participate in PPA’s Plasma and Whole Blood Donation Program. Qualifying programs include the following:

Check out our educational pages on these viral infections or disease states and be sure to fill out the Pre-Screening form to start your registration.