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Disease State Plasma

Disease state plasma and serum are used in diagnostic test kits and diluents in the manufacture of positive and negative controls for research projects in almost every disease state condition. Whether you are a patient suffering from a chronic illness or viral infection or a clinical investigative research scientist looking to fulfill orders for specific research needs, Physicians Plasma Alliance has the service and product for you.

For Researchers

PPA offers disease state plasma in a variety of conditions that are available in bulk plasma units and/or individual patients samples. PPA actively recruits patients with viral positive, infectious, autoimmune, and other disease state conditions and collects plasma or serum samples in an ethical and compliant manner.

Our disease state products are collected with patient consent using plasmapheresis technology in the comfort of our FDA-regulated, patient-centered facility.

Please take a moment to peruse the list of qualifying acute specialty antibodies and chronic specialty antibodies and Contact Us for specific pricing and availability. We are here to provide the highest quality of product and look forward to filling your order.

Disease state plasma samples

For Patients

PPA’s biological specimens are ethically sourced, stored, and distributed to researchers worldwide for use in clinical research settings to sustain strives in therapeutic advances for disease state research. Disease state plasma and serum comes from individuals who have been clinically diagnosed with an acute infectious disease or chronic medical condition and is used to manufacture in vitro diagnostic products. These individuals must be healthy enough to travel to and donate at our top-notch facility to meet the donation criteria.

To find out if you qualify for our donor programs, find out How to Participate.