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I have had RA for over 15 years. My life is a constant struggle with constant aches and pains. My doctor told me about PPA and thought it would be a good program for me to participate in. My doctor told me that by donating I would be helping other people with this terrible disease. That without people like me he would not even be able to make sure his other patients could be tested. So I contacted PPA and they brought me in and spoke to me about the program. I was very eager to participate. I started donating at PPA 2 years ago. My experience has been excellent! The level of professionalism is above all expectations. The staff takes their time with me. They make me feel like I am important and that I can make a difference. I am so happy that I took my doctor’s advice and contacted PPA. It has changed my life for the better.

Kingsport, TN -Rheumatoid Arthritis

My wife and I contracted Hepatitis A on a mission trip. I had never heard of being able to donate plasma after contracting Hepatitis A. But I found Physicians Plasma Alliance when looking at treatments for Hepatitis A. I contacted them through their website and was contacted back within just a few minutes. It was important that we could help other people with this disease. Once my wife and I felt well enough to travel we took a trip to Gray TN and PPA. It was such a pleasant surprise to be met at the airport and taken care of from the minute we arrived. When we arrived the staff was very thorough. The Physician spent a lot of time with both of us to make sure that we were healthy enough to donate plasma. My wife has always had difficulty with bad veins. No one was ever able to stick her. But the phlebotomist got her on the very first time. She was so happy! That was such a relief that the staff was so well trained and efficient at what they do. We donated several times and it was always a great experience! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a similar situation.

Los Angeles, CA - Hepatitis A

I am so happy with my choice of coming to Physicians Plasma Alliance. I called several other companies to see if they would be interested in a donor with my condition. I was surprised how fast and efficient the recruiter at PPA got the ball rolling for me. Within 2 days of making contact I was on a flight to Gray TN. I was met by a wonderful chauffeur that escorted me to the center. It was late in the evening on a weekend, but when I arrived the staff was waiting on me. They took care of me, gave me food and drink I had my own private room, the atmosphere was like a spa. It is such a wonderful place. I could have not made a better choice. I have donated several times now always late on the weekend and I have always been treated like a queen. Great company! Wonderful People!

St Louis, MI - Lupus

PPA has essentially changed my life. When I contracted my disease I felt helpless. I could not believe this happened to me. I could never see how anything good could ever come out of it. I contacted PPA when I saw an advertisement on the web for people who had Hepatitis B. I was nervous because I had never flown before but I felt like I could really make a difference. From the moment I arrived I felt like I was a part of a family. They took better care of me than I ever expected. The staff was so professional and grateful for my contribution. They made sure that they put my personal well-being first. They took great care of me. I love the facility and the staff and the location so much that I even moved from Seattle to Tennessee. I am still donating today and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Seattle,WA - Hepatitis B

I have donated for over 20 years of my life at various centers all over the US. I had the wonderful opportunity to come to Gray TN and donate my plasma at Physicians Plasma Alliance. For one I had never been in a facility that was set up the way that theirs was. They are located at a practicing Doctors office. They have a beautiful facility. The staff always has taken care of me better than I could ever expect. They give me one on one attention. That is something you just do not get at the large plasma centers. I am actually important to them. They treat me like I am a part of a big family. I cannot imagine my life without donating at PPA. I would never go back to any other facility.

Savannah, GA - Rare Antibody

I am so glad I made the trip. PPA was great about booking the flights and hotel. When I arrived they were so friendly and helpful. I was very confident with the staff’s abilities. They were very eager to answer any questions I had. I ended up learning a lot and having a nice time. I will tell anyone interested in donating to go for it. This is a wonderful company. Thanks for everything.

Binghamton, NY – Cytomegalovirus (CMV)