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Hepatitis A

My wife and I contracted Hepatitis A on a mission trip. I had never heard of being able to donate plasma after contracting Hepatitis A. But I found Physicians Plasma Alliance when looking at treatments for Hepatitis A. I contacted them through their website and was contacted back within just a few minutes. It was important that we could help other people with this disease. Once my wife and I felt well enough to travel we took a trip to Gray TN and PPA. It was such a pleasant surprise to be met at the airport and taken care of from the minute we arrived. When we arrived the staff was very thorough. The Physician spent a lot of time with both of us to make sure that we were healthy enough to donate plasma. My wife has always had difficulty with bad veins. No one was ever able to stick her. But the phlebotomist got her on the very first time. She was so happy! That was such a relief that the staff was so well trained and efficient at what they do. We donated several times and it was always a great experience! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a similar situation.
Los Angeles, CA - Hepatitis A