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Clinical Investigators

As a clinical investigator for pharmaceutical trials…

What does a clinical investigator do?

Clinical investigators are crucial to the progression of healthcare innovations in research. With the help of research coordinating centers, clinical investigators conduct research within a specific patient population to test the productivity of new or improved drug therapies. Research ensures quality of care and medications to all patients suffering from viral or chronic illnesses and PPA’s research division helps to implement this process.

Physicians, nurses and other health care providers can act as clinical research investigators for paid clinical research studies.  Being involved in clinical trials allows health care providers become exposed to and assist with the implementation and framework of new medical therapies. Research is an ongoing process with a plethora of opportunity including exposure to alternative and innovative medical therapies, research credit, and paid compensation in a compliant manner.

Time is of the essence when running a busy practice, and PPA values that time. We take care of all the paperwork involved with the clinical trial in a HIPAA-compliant environment. After initial registration and research ethics training to become GCP-certified, we can begin the process of finding studies that suit your patient profile and preference.

Why should I be involved in clinical research?

Clinical research is critical to the healthcare industry in that it brings innovative and life-saving medications to the market safely and efficiently. As a healthcare provider, you have a direct impact on the development and manufacture of these medications if you decide to become involved in research.

Both you, as the clinical research investigator, and your patient are compensated for participation.  Your patient can earn extra money, providing much needed assistance in a difficult economy with expenses such as medical bills.  PPA also recognizes the work done by health care providers by providing compensation for each qualifying participant referred to a study, as well as residual payments for every study visit the patient participates in.

How do I get started?

To become a clinical investigator, one must be a licensed healthcare provider and GCP-certified to conduct ethical research. GCP-certification can be attained through the Society for Clinical Research Sites by signing up with PPA’s research division. From there, PPA can manage your participation in research through our connections with ongoing pharmaceutical studies.

With your help in becoming involved as a clinical research investigator, we can ensure the growing needs in research are met with the highest standards and best interests. Contact Us to find out more about ongoing and future clinical trials. We look forward to partnering with you!


Clinical research investigator

As a patient for pharmaceutical trials…

Informed patients are always needed for pharmaceutical trials. If you are a patient with a special condition or disease and want to participate in specific trials, fill out the Pre-Screening Form and a PPA team member will contact you with more information.