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Research Services

Research Services

PPA Research Group, a division of Physicians Plasma Alliance provides disease researchers with the biological specimens they need by compensating blood donors, patients and physicians for their help in participating in, or referring others to participate in, paid research studies. Through use of PPA’s plasmapheresis center, physician networks, and expertise, PPA is able to provide disease researchers with precisely the patient specimens they require to achieve their disease research goals. All studies and products are FDA-regulated to ensure only the highest quality products, and HIPAA-compliant to ensure patient and blood donor personal information is protected..

Our clinical research team consists of certified research professionals that are dedicated, experienced, and highly motivated. Our high quality services can be customized to meet the individual needs of the clinical trial and the site. We provide all the necessary resources, including research staff and equipment in the physician’s office to maximize compliance and convenience.


Physicians, nurses, and other health care providers can partner with PPA in two different capacities: as a partner in patient recruitment for donations to these research studies and as clinical research investigators for paid clinical research studies through pharmaceutical trials and specimen collections. Both avenues help further research in a HIPAA-compliant, FDA-regulated fashion and provide compensation in compliance with OIG Federal Anti-Kickback Statute 64 FR63518 (Nov. 19, 1999) where the reimbursement process is considered a safe harbor. Contact Us for more information on patient referrals or see how you can participate as a clinical research investigator on the Pharmaceutical Trials and Specimen Collections pages.

Patients diagnosed with special conditions or diseases and interested in our research services should find out more information on the How to Participate page and fill out the Pre-Screening Form