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Mononuclear cells are critical components of the immune system and include, amongst other cell types, lymphocytes, monocytes and dendritic cells. The mononuclear fraction of peripheral blood is widely used in clinical and research applications.

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Catalog #NameUnitPriceAction
36-4908MNCDiseased Frozen Please Inquire Inquiry
36-660010Frozen Human Bone Marrow MNC's (BMMC's) 10 million/vial $225.00Add to Cart
36-71030FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells >20 million/vial Inquiry
36-71020FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells 20 million/vial $4,999.00Add to Cart
36-71010FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells 10 million/vial $3,699.00Add to Cart
36-71005FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells 5 million/vial $2,399.00Add to Cart
36-71001FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells 1 million/vial $649.00Add to Cart
36-6100MOBFresh Mobilized PB MNC 100 million $549.00Add to Cart
36-6300MOBFresh Mobilized PB MNC 300 million $849.00Add to Cart
36-6500MOBFresh Mobilized PB MNC 500 million $1,099.00Add to Cart
36-5100MOBFFrozen Mobilized PB MNC 100 million/vial $449.00Add to Cart
36-5200MOBFFrozen Mobilized PB MNC 200 million/vial $749.00Add to Cart
36-660020Frozen Human Bone Marrow MNC's (BMMC's) 20 million/vial $380.00Add to Cart
36-660050Frozen Human Bone Marrow MNC's (BMMC's) 50 million/vial $760.00Add to Cart
36-4907MNCFrozen Healthy Mononuclear cells 10 million/vial $129.00Add to Cart
36-4906MNCFrozen Healthy Mononuclear cells 25 million/vial $299.00Add to Cart
36-4905MNCFrozen Healthy Mononuclear cells 50 million/vial $499.00Add to Cart
36-4904MNCFrozen Healthy Mononuclear cells 100 million/vial $599.00Add to Cart
36-4903MNCFresh Healthy Mononuclear cells 150 million $699.00Add to Cart
36-4902MNCFresh Healthy Mononuclear cells 350 million $999.00Add to Cart
36-4901MNCHealthy Mononuclear cells 1 billion $1,599.00Add to Cart
36-4900MNCFresh Fresh Healthy Mononuclear cells 2 billion $2,499.00Add to Cart
36-660200Fresh Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells (CB-MNC) 200 million $1,679.00Add to Cart
36-660100Fresh Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells (CB-MNC) 100 million $1,119.00Add to Cart
36-660060Fresh Cord Blood MNC's (CB-MNC) 50 million $799.00Add to Cart
36-71050FFrozen Mobilized PB CD34+ Stem cells 5 million/vial $2,399.00Add to Cart
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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, Purified Cells
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