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What is Plasmapheresis?

Plasmapheresis is the process by which plasma, the yellowish liquid portion of your blood containing proteins and antibodies, is removed from your body allowing you to donate just part of your blood. The rest of the volume containing red blood cells and platelets are returned to your body. Your body then naturally restores your plasma content within 24 hours.

 Using a sterile, disposable collection system, plasmapheresis is a very safe procedure with minimal or no side effects. Since your body naturally restores your plasma relatively quickly, you may donate plasma up to two times per seven-day period, with at least one full day between donations.

What does my visit entail?

Currently PPA is only accepting Specialty Antibody plasmapheresis donations.

PPA’s Collection Center is FDA-Registered, Tennessee State, CLIA Laboratory Licensed and scaled to ensure comfort for your visit. After an examination from a healthcare provider, you will be directed to the donation rooms where a phlebotomist will begin the plasmapheresis process, which lasts just under an hour. A sterile IV will be placed in one arm in connection with the plasmapheresis machine that collects the whole blood, separates the plasma from the red blood cells, and returns the remaining blood fluids to your body through the same arm. The amount of plasma collected will depend on your body weight and will not exceed 880 ml. The weight categories are as follows:  If you weigh 110-149lbs you donate 690 milliliters of plasma.  If you weigh 150-174lbs you donate 825 milliliters of plasma.   If you weigh 175lbs or above you donate 690 milliliters of plasma.   Remember to drink plenty of hydrating fluids and avoid caffeinated liquids prior to your visit.

Upon completion, you will be paid on the spot for you donation (as much as $500 per donation for Specialty Antibodies). If travel is necessary, all of your expenses will be covered, (i.e. mileage driven, flight, hotel, and ground transportation). Our highly trained and courteous staff will then schedule future appointments.

How do I get started?

Fill out the Pre-Screening Form to get started . Medical history and information will be asked to ensure specific donations are handled in a confidential and ethical manner.