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What is Leukopheresis?

Leukopheresis is the process by which  white blood cells are removed from the blood while returning red blood cells and plasma back to your body. This technique is generally used to generate healthy white blood cells to use in research and test kits.

 Using a sterile, disposable collection system, leukopheresis is a very safe procedure with minimal to no side effects. Patients may see decreased levels of calcium, which can easily be restored. The treatment initially lowers your white blood cell count but only for a short period of time as your body will naturally restore these cells.

What does my visit entail?

PPA’s Research Center is FDA regulated under IRB (Investigational Review Board Protocols) and scaled to ensure comfort for your visit. After an examination from a healthcare provider, you will be directed to the donation rooms where a phlebotomist will begin the leukopheresis process, which lasts between one and three hours. One sterile IV will be placed in each arm where blood exits the body from one arm to enter the leukopheresis machine where white blood cells are separated and blood returns to the body through the other arm with the remaining blood fluids. Remember to drink plenty of hydrating fluids and avoid caffeinated liquids prior to your visit.

Upon completion, you will be paid on the spot for you donation (as much as $500 per donation). If travel is necessary, all of your expenses will be covered, (i.e. mileage driven, flight, hotel, and ground transportation). Our highly trained and courteous staff will then schedule future appointments.

How do I get started?

Leukopheresis is coming soon! Stay tuned for more details on how to participate in this program.